Experience Autumn in Upstate New York


Come and experience nature, enjoy your life and our horses...

take your trail ride at Krumkill Stables

Meet the autumn in Upstate New York....

.....People say they never knew that there was trail riding this close to Albany!!  

We are now offering  Horse Camp for Kids at every school holiday (Jewish Holidays, Columbus Day, Winter  & Spring Break) as well as Summer Camp.


Here are the Public School Holidays 2014 to 2015

Sep 25 Rosh Hashanah
Oct 13 Columbus Day Holiday
Nov 4 Supt's Conf. Day
Nov 11 Veterans’ Day Holiday
Nov 26- 28 Thanksgiving Recess
Dec 24-Jan. 2 Holiday Recess
Jan 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday
Feb 16 Presidents’ Day Holiday
Feb 16-20 Presidents’ Week Recess
Mar 25 Supt’s Conf. Day
Apr 3 Good Friday Holiday
Apr 6-10 Spring Recess
May 22 Memorial Day Recess
May 25 Memorial Day Holiday
Jun 25 Last Day of School



so come and join us, be part of these wonderful pictures and memories...  your memories


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