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Spring is here in Upstate New York ... what a better time to see our horses...

Contact Krumkill Stables

Come and experience nature,

enjoy the first warm days of the year with our horses. Take a Trail ride and be the first to see nature awakening after the long winter sleep...


Enjoy fun times at our camps.

We can't wait to see you...

.....People say they never knew that there was trail riding this close to Albany!!  

Riding lessons, trail rides and more.
Spring Break Horse Camp: April 25-29.
Summer Camp: June 27-Sept. 2 

We are now offering  Horse Camp for Kids at every school holiday (Jewish Holidays, Columbus Day, Winter  & Spring Break), you also can pre-requister for our very popular  Summer Camps in 2016.

You can know send us your spring and summer camp applications (MS-Word doc) via our new "Contact Krumkill Stables" contact form page.



Pre-Register for our very popular Spring Break

and Summer Camps in 2016 and be the first to get a spot.

If you are looking for the Spring Break and Summer Camp Registration Forms, please scroll up to the top of this page.  You will find a section "attachments" and the correct forms.  If you can't download them for whatever reason, we are more then happy to send them to you.


for detailed Information, Dates and Registration, please see above Registration Forms

2015 Summer Camp Pictures

Take a look, our children and our horses are having a great time..

... come and see for yourself...

so come and join us, be part of these wonderful pictures and memories...  your memories

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